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Rika Youngblood
6 October
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Omnivorous reader of anything high, low, or middlebrow; equally happy at a literary tea or a demolition derby. Big fan of humorous things, especially irony or satire. Ex-journalist who used to write a lot about computers; a few years back I got a Master's in interdisciplinary & performance art, where the big money is. I've started collecting works by 19th & 20th century humorists. Honk if you read Robert Benchley! I'm involved in several different kinds of historical study, from recreation of the English Regency period to learning Latin to running a historical science fair to doing various forms of historical dance (as recreated or as living tradition). But I love the modern world too, new music, new science, new people. When I roam around LiveJournal I keep finding new interests, real interests that I just forgot to add to my already lengthy roster. The thing is, life is never boring. There's too much out there to enjoy.

(e^(i*pi))+1=0, (writing parenthetical asides), a.s. byatt, adrienne rich, algonquin round table, alternative comics, apas, army of darkness, art, art cars, artistamps, astronomy, b3ta, bacds, bisexuality, blackadder, board games, carnivorous plants, carol lay, catherine mackinnon, cattle, ceilidh, central valley, charles addams, classic movies, comedy, complementary medicine, congress of vienna waltz, copyright law, cows, crafts, dancing, drawing, edward gorey, emma bull, english country dance, english country dancing, english humor, english regency, english regency dance, experimental music, feminism, fiction, firefly, folk dance, foreign movies, georgette heyer, graphic design, h. allen smith, harvey pekar, historical recreation, history, history of science, humor, i ching, improv, irony, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, japan, jim woodring, john m. ford, john mcphee, jon stewart, josie lawrence, julie doucet, kim stanley robinson, knitting, latin, lenny bruce, literature, logic, los bros hernandez, mad magazine, maureen mchugh, miriam makeba, monty python, morris, morris dancing, movies, mst3k, music, mysteries, mystery science theater 3000, negativland, non-fiction, non-profits, old game shows, old movies, open source software, orbital mind-control lasers, organizational theory, pat murphy, patrick o'brian, performance art, phantom of the paradise, philosophy, phoebe gloeckner, photoshop, political satire, psychology, quaker, reading, regency, regency dance, regency dancing, regency romances, robert benchley, robots, roger zelazny, rube goldberg, rushmore, sapiosexuality, satire, science, science fiction, solar power, sound art, sousveillance, space ghost, stan freberg, stephen colbert, strange enthusiasms, survival research laboratories, techshop, ted chiang, terry pratchett, thai food, the clancy brothers, the daily show, the onion, the princess bride, the rutles, the simpsons, the twilight zone, theodore sturgeon, theremin, they might be giants, tin foil hats, tmbg, tom lehrer, turner classic movies, tv's frank, usenet refugees, wally cox, web design, woo-woo, working out, ylem