Rika Youngblood (liveavatar) wrote,
Rika Youngblood

This is Bat Country

Naturally there's been a lot of talk on my various friends lists about the Supreme Court's health care decision. But I was surprised to see someone post the following in the middle of a conservative friend's call for civil political discourse:

Just pray the Gooberment of Commie Demoturds doesn't decide You all MUST buy an Obammiemobile or get taxed...what's next...Have to buy goat cheese...??? The Constitution got stabbed in the back... time to drain the swaamp of ALL Commiecrats and take back our Nation .

Beyond my concern for this person's mental state, I have to admit I admire the concise, phonetic if not mental coherence of "Gooberment of Commie Demoturds." Really got a ring to it.
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