Rika Youngblood (liveavatar) wrote,
Rika Youngblood

Back from the ded

The last six weeks marked the least festive holiday season I've experienced in decades. The majority of my time was spent in bed or propped up on the living room couch. Christmas and New Year, down the drain. As far as I can tell I got hit by four or five things in succession, probably hormonally amplified. Can't tell now whether allergies hammered me hardest or whether I caught the flu-thing that's going around. Whatever the source, the end result was "down for the count."

My stamina still hasn't powered back up to full. My lungs still hated today's chilly fog, not that they've ever liked that kind of thing, and my plans to hit the gym for something a bit more strenuous than standing on the vibrating platform fizzled out after I spent my full session staffing the recording studio (fortunately, nobody there today) and actually spent time in the piano practice rooms. I'm definitely used to a steeper angle of recovery.

Because of all this enforced downtime I'm going to have to drop my intermediate music theory class for the quarter. Just too far behind, in a class where there've been online assignments nearly every day. Maybe the teacher will let me hang on and withdraw from the class at the last possible minute so that I can soak up as much online knowledge as possible.

What I need to create now with some of that newly freed-up time is an actual physical regimen to rebuild strength and staying power, as opposed to simply putting in the gym hours (which is what my school gym class' structure encourages, access in return for hours logged). It's also time to try anything that might reduce my allergizability (yes, that's a word, because I say so).

As time, money, and vigor permit I've been giving myself little treats, lunch at a favorite restaurant here, a movie there, a brief visit with friends, a short massage, even an SF Sketchfest evening, since the last few weeks have been so freakin' bleak. Not too much fun yet for the quivering beastie, but enough to draw my California-spring crocuses out from the earth.

Over the last three days I received some bad family news (not health-related, at least not this time). There's nothing I can offer them from two states away, absolutely nothing I can do except wring my hands and tell them they're in my thoughts. I hope they manage to pull a rabbit out of that hat.

Wishing you an easier time too.
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