Rika Youngblood (liveavatar) wrote,
Rika Youngblood

Finals week: the musical, part I

For once I am not crazy batshit worried about whether everything will work out at the end of the quarter, for what may be the first time in years.

The music-theory test was my last written final. The instructor did his level best to make sure everyone knew what would be on the exam. Gah, so many fiddly bits. This class has forced me to zero in on the details again and again. So many, many little footnotes that change everything. (Curse you, enharmonics!) I was very glad to get my last quiz back just before the final, because the sprinkling of errors there came entirely from inattention -- e.g., did I make sure the pop chords matched the Roman numerals? Apparently not. Whether I'm wrong or right in this final, at least there'll be fewer half-right answers.

I signed up for the intermediate theory course, even though it's an hour earlier. Morning people, imagine what gyrations you'd have to go through to attend an important class that only met at midnight -- that's what a 9 a.m. class is like for me. The good news is that I was already trying to arrive that early, because the parking lot I use fills up so fast that I have to be there around 9 to get a parking spot in time for the 10 a.m. class.

More in a sec. Okay, I lied. See next comment.
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