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I have way too many tabs open in my browser and therefore am forcing you, gentle reader, to enjoy as many of them as you like while I use my LJ to make sure the links don't get buried in a lonely, unvisited stack.

Patton Oswalt JFL Keynote 'Letters To Both Sides' Explains How Comedy Has Changed (or rather, Patton Oswalt’s Letters to Both Sides: His keynote address at Montreal’s Just For Laughs 2012)

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Computer-generated abstract faces

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Archive of Dharma talks given by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella, and various guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA

Soviet Venus Images

Marina Abramović Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art

New York Federal Reserve mum on missing Iraq billions

The Writing of E. Nesbit, by Gore Vidal, December 3, 1964

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'The Quarry Whence Modern Names Are Hewn'

Bridey McHidey

Frustrated and a little sad tonight as I get things together before tomorrow's treatment. At least the schedule doesn't involve me getting up at o-dark-thirty this time. I won't have the usual backup at the hospital today and may resort to calling random people to chat. Either that or listen to backlogged Greg Proops podcasts.

Went to bodywork today courtesy of Stanford's Supportive Care Program (still a marvelous program). Bodywork wonderful as always with this practitioner. Unusually, this time she had verbal advice for me: she suggested that I focus on forgiveness more, for myself and others, and also on remembering that I deserve good things. That made a lot of sense, especially this week, when I've been sitting at home a lot propping up my troubled right leg and napping. Good for physical health, but enervating to the spirit.

We're DirecTV subscribers, so the public battle between those titans of ethics and broadcasting, Viacom and DirecTV, hits us...well, not that hard, since the only contested channel we give a crap about is Comedy Central, for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I'm glad Viacom unbent to the extent that we can watch TDS and TCR episodes on Hulu -- also glad that AdBlock Plus works like a charm and that generally you can just wait out the spots where commercials would be. Surprise insight from today's Daily Show: E. J. Dionne looks like Brent Spiner, but sounds a bit like Walter Brennan.

Which reminds me -- purejuice asked me elsewhere why I like watching reruns of Match Game '74. Nostalgia, certainly, but also a sense of history. The shows are broadcast in their original sequence, so you can watch relationships evolve and in-jokes change. Right now they're making a lot of jokes about Nixon and erased tapes, for example. What's My Line? and I've Got a Secret offered more along those lines, of course.

Time to get my beauty sleep!

This is Bat Country

Naturally there's been a lot of talk on my various friends lists about the Supreme Court's health care decision. But I was surprised to see someone post the following in the middle of a conservative friend's call for civil political discourse:

Just pray the Gooberment of Commie Demoturds doesn't decide You all MUST buy an Obammiemobile or get taxed...what's next...Have to buy goat cheese...??? The Constitution got stabbed in the back... time to drain the swaamp of ALL Commiecrats and take back our Nation .

Beyond my concern for this person's mental state, I have to admit I admire the concise, phonetic if not mental coherence of "Gooberment of Commie Demoturds." Really got a ring to it.

Yes, it's all fan fiction, but still...

I was nearly over my agonized reaction to the latest TV ad for the ahistoric "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" -- seriously, folks, are we just playing high-concept Mad Libs here? why not Marie Antoinette, or Woodrow Wilson, or Adlai Stevenson? -- when the ad for the upcoming Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant came on, and I screamed involuntarily.

It's time to read something slow and linear.

Field trip to the T-shirt printers

Yesterday my T-shirt printing class took a field trip to San Francisco to see bigtime shirt printing in the real world. The father of a friend of one of the class members owns a shop that prints a lot of shirts for companies like Live Nation, so that was our backstage pass. The company's been in business for more than 30 years; some of the original employees and working methods are still around.

The building itself is an underlit one-room cavern divided by stacks of boxes and punctuated by shelves. Three mechanized shirt presses chugged away. Our group was very impressed with the huge 16-color stations that automatically re-inked and flash-cured every color. Seemingly haphazard rows of metal-frame screens were clustered everywhere. It looked random, but they assured us they knew what was in every row, in the way you know what's in every pile of papers on your desk. What surprised us most was the amount of white light allowed in the screen burning room. Our class is used to needing to work fast in dim light to make sure we don't overexpose our screens -- here they just use pale orange ambient light and a screen emulsion exposed with 15-second bursts of intense UV.

But the part that cracked us up the most is shown below. Yes, they do have a regular pressure-wash room for cleaning out used screens, but apparently over the years traffic sometimes simply backed up too much and they had to use the men's room for screen rinsing. (The women's room sink suffers from a few ink tracks but is nothing like this.) Now you know the soft low-tech underbelly of the modern shirt-printing business.

Double-purpose bathroom

Hugh Grant, investigative journalist

It's heartening to see someone with sufficient fuck-you money call out the Murdoch publications for their practices. No irony intended; I thoroughly enjoyed Grant's report and subsequent sparring session with an old adversary, not to mention the chance to hear Grant talk without his trademark stutter.

Could Paul McMullen, ex-"journalist" turned pub owner, possibly have been cast as more ratty and skanky? If he'd shapeshifted into a stoat on camera I would not have been surprised.

My heart aches a bit when I think about the earnest ethical training we got in journalism school, then listen to the sniveling McMullen try to double down with "how could the highly paid Grant lower himself" and "it's all part of the game." Wonder what they teach in that school now.
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Zombie Diana Fanfic

Is Princess Diana doomed to walk the earth forever, until her memory melts into mythology and two millennia down the road our distant descendants will class her as a handmaiden to Marilyn Monroe?

What is this doing on the cover of Newsweek? Why doesn't Tina Brown team up with Kevin Killian (the first playwright I saw using celebrities essentially as fanfic characters) so we can put this back on off-Broadway where it belongs?